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Kirsi-Maria and Hanna during interview.

10.2016 UPM partners participate in the Jornadas de Innovación Educativa (Education Innovation Journey) organized at UPM 17/10/2016.

08.2016 on-line magazine issue 1/2016.

08.2016 Article in

Mathematics Learning Platform

24.05.2017 1st International Workshop on "New learning scenarios in digitalized world", in Bucarest, Romania. The general aim of the Workshop is to facilitate the exchange of scientific and technical information related to Education and to promote international co-operation between Higher Education Institutions of the European Union.

This work was supported in part by the Erasmus+ Program, an initiative of the European Union, Future Mathematics 2015-1-FI01-KA203-009044.

11-12.05.2018  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on “Three Generations Together in the Digital World” at University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev“; paper titled  "Math education in the digital world - FutureMath" presented by Ion Mierlus Mazilu

09.05.2018  SIMPOZIONUL SI CONCURSUL NATIONAL "NATURA, UN ISCUSIT CREATOR, Seminar național de formare a cadrelor didactice; place: COLEGIULUI DE SILVICULTURA SI PROTECTIA MEDIULUI, RM. VALCEA, VALCEA, ROMANIA; presenter: Ion Mierlus Mazilu; title: "Predarea matematicii folosind TIC - proiectul FutureMath".

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The FutureMath project aims to respond to the requirements of modern society and to make mathematics' learning and teaching more digitalized, effective and accessible.
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