Transnational project meetings

- Project presentation at TAMK to the department of the School of Construction and Electrical Engineering in Tampere, Finland – held in August 2015

- Project presentation in conjunction of the 1st project meeting at TAMK in Finland – held in October 2015

- Project presentation at the TAMK-conference at TAMK in Finland – held in February 2016

- Project presentation for Brazilian VET students at TAMK – held in April 2016

- Project presentation in Gujart Technological University in Wismar in German held in May 2016

- Project presentation at the Institut für Nachrichtentechnik of the Universität Rostock (Germany) - held in June 10th 2016.

- Article of the project in magazine – published in September 2016

- Project’s local promotion event in Bratislava, Slovakia – held in November 2016 in conjunction of the 3rd project meeting

- Project’s local promotion event in Madrid, Spain – held in October 2017 in conjunction of the 5th project meeting

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